Modular systems


As the official distributor of the Italian company VIMAR®, we present to you series of modular electrical installation equipment EIKON, ARKÉ, IDEA, PLANA, NEVE and BY-ME home automation.

The first step is the installation of flush mounting boxes and functionality specification various electrical sockets (strong and weak current, type sockets, PC, phone, TV, USB, HDMI, etc.). When the cable installation and interior are finished the customer can opt for equipment from some of the available series.

Upon completion of all works necessary to make an adequate selection of masks that are made of metal, wood, natural stone, glass, double-layer or ordinary PVC in a wide range of colors and shapes, depending on the selected series. Product quality in all series is standardized, starting from junction silver plated contacts 999/1000, SICURY protective systems or PLAK-CLACK® mechanism for fixing as evidenced by ISO 9001 quality certifications, as well as the country of origin of the product, which is exclusively for this market, Italy. The products are made of non-combustible (halogen-free) materials.




EIKON represents a new exclusive series that offers a great number of complete system solutions. Beside the classic ones, in this program Vimar has implemented new functions, such as touch screen feature (touch dimmers and switches). All the elements are adapted to users and provide them with simple, reliable and highly functional use. EIKON has won a prestigious design award at the "LIGHT + BUILDING 2014" in Frankfurt.

Some attractive features are: TORCIA portable lamps, analog and digital timer-thermostats, time switches, LPG gas detectors with sound and light signalization, the presence detectors, card systems, etc.

All modular equipment items are available in black, white or silver color. Eikon offers two types of cover plates: classic (rectangular with sharp edges) and round (with rounded, accentuated form). Selection of a large number of different cover plates (metal, wood, stone, glass, stainless steel) results in a large number of possible combinations. This series is intended primarily for residential buildings and a modern, comfortable and safe way of life.



ARKÉ ARKE is the latest generation of modular system, which emphasizes contemporary design, modern materials, functionality and affordable home automation control. The equipment is available in anthracite and white, while material quality guarantees safety and durability.

A large number of cover plates of different colors and materials makes it compatible with all the architectural designs of the interior. The switches are available in two variants, the classic variation where switch is outside or in the axial variant switches are in line with the final mask. Dimmers in this series are universal, i.e. they can control incandescent, fluorescent and LED light sources.



IDEA series represents the higher class and offers over 200 modular functions. In addition to standard electromechanical functions (switches, shock-proof, TV / RD / SAT, telephone and sockets), a large number of new functions (digital programming thermostats, overvoltage protection, dimmers with and without switches, emergency buttons, badges card switches, motion detectors, smoke and gas detectors, light indicators, panic portable lamps, dimmers IR remote control, etc.).

Cover plates from the IDEA series are available in two forms: classic (rectangular with sharp edges) and Rondo (with a pronounced curved shape in the spirit of retro industrial design). They are made from the finest materials: metal (24 colours), technopolymer (21), natural wood (6).

All functional elements are available in gray and white, providing achieve different aesthetic effects. The gray elements emphasize the futuristic look of the interior, while the white elements of its elegance and simplicity to minimize the presence of the electrical function of the wall surfaces.



PLANA, with its simple lines is perfect example of attractive, ideal and unique Italian design. Switch-off-switch-on switches and control units are not recessed inside the cover plate, but are ergonomically accessible to users and are simple to use. PLANA is a standard modular program enriched with wooden and metal cover plates.

PLANA offers a wide range of electronic and electromechanical functions: schuko sockets, TV/RD/SAT, telephone and PC sockets, thermostats with display for residential and service sector, timer-thermostats, user-friendly programmable time switches and alarm clocks with backlit amber light detectors trends, gas detectors with sound and light signalization, etc.

PLANA offers a wide choice of colors and materials: 27 cover plates in technopolymer (12 basic, 12 reflex, 3 wood in effect), 3 in natural wood and 6 metal cover plates. The equipment is available in white and silver. Products (from any series) can be made with lasting and easy to read, laser engraved markings and symbols with conventional and custom symbols.

Thanks to the large number of options in terms of colors and functions, PLANA can fit virtually in any space and the environment, whether it comes to residential or commercial property. This series is available to a wide range of customers due to the extremely affordable price.




NEVE series represents a step forward in terms of market attainability through a conventional design, without compromising on quality. Products in this series are economical and a good choice for any residential and office space. Through already recognizable design brand VIMAR provided full functionality, security and reliability.

In an appropriate cover plates and flush mounted boxes, two, three, four, six and seven modules can be accommodated. All items are available in conventional white with a choice of cover plates in 4 colors (white, beige, champagne and gray).

In addition to traditional switches and sockets, NEVE equipment includes switches for blinds, power sockets, dimmers, phone, Internet and TV-RD-SAT socket. This series, with acceptable price, delivers to the apartment or office Italian design and full functionality. VIMAR is in this series, as in others, promoted SECURY security system, which is primarily intended to protect children.



By-me integrates functions of home automation, video surveillance, burglar and fire systems, multi-zoned climate control and remote control into a unique system.

This system is fully compatible with the EIB Konnex systems. The implementation of the so-called "smart house" system, realized significant savings for electricity and thermal energy, and reduced the number of wires.