Stivex company operates in the fields of manufacturing, engineering, domestic and foreign trade. It was founded in Belgrade, 1995. Since 2005, Stivex is general distributor of VIMAR®.


Our range includes products of renowned companies in the field of lighting, available from stock, or with short delivery time, at the best prices.:

- modular electrical equipment (VIMAR - Italy),

- lamps (PHILIPS - Netherlands),

- traditional and LED luminaries (PHILIPS – Netherlands, EGLO - Austria),

- lighting components (ELT - Spain),

- trunking systems (ELBA – Slovenia, OBO BETTERMANN –Germany),

- industrial fluorescent, halogen, metal halide and compact fluorescent lighting.

As a general representative of the VIMAR® company, we present you a series of modular electrical installation equipment EIKON, ARKÉ, IDEA, PLANA, NEVE, as well as BY-ME home automation systems.

PHILIPS Lighting is a leading company on global lighting market. The company's products are a combination of versatility, style and contemporary design. The luminaries are produced under strict quality control rules and of top quality materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel and polymer. The lamps of this renowned manufacturer are an exceptional blend of modern technology and high quality.


In cooperation with ELBA (Novo Mesto, Slovenia), which we are general distributors, we have adjusted production program of trunking, floor boxes and pillars to VIMAR modular system. These products are made from the finest materials.